A few days of learning and fun

After 48 hours of wait, flights cancellation and rerouting Play Soccer teams from Ghana and Senegal finally arrived in Athens on Sunday June 19th at 4 a.m. Despite the fatigue, Senegal and Ghana teams were up early Sunday morning along with the South Africans to start the program as scheduled.
The video above gives a condensed illustration of the activities all the volunteer coaches were engaged in the first 2 days of training. On the field they rapidly connected with the young coaches from Athens and all the young Athenians participating in the camp.
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Team South Africa

Team South Africa taking pictures with the Ohio University Bobcat.  We spent about 1 hour talking about their expectations and thoughts on being in America.  After answering questions the members of the Ohio grant team (Sheri, Dan, Tori, and Cassidy) were entertained with singing games.  We then went to lunch at Chipotle before spending the afternoon learning how to use email, social media and video cameras.

Team Ghana and Senegal are scheduled to arrive late tonight or early tomorrow morning.  We look forward to working with all the coaches tomorrow.

- Sheri



Cassidy, Tori and Dan hanging outside the OU Inn waiting for instructions.  Unfortunately, today’s schedule has to be modified because the coaches from Ghana and Senegal are stuck at JFK in New York.  The coaches from South Africa were cheerful this morning and we look forward to a fun day.  We are going to conduct a focus group on coaching education, take a campus tour, learn about technology and relax.  We hope to see our delayed coaching friends tonight.  – Sheri

Arrival of the South African Coaches

via Go Bus

Grant team members, Dan Adams and Tori Botticelli, arrive in Athens around 4:30 pm with the coaches from South Africa.  The group traveled to Athens via GoBus from the Columbus International Airport.  Although the group was tired, smiles were on their faces.  Can you find the vuvuzela?


Welcome to Ohio University

The grant team (Soccer for Education and Cultural Exchange) at Ohio University is looking forward to the arrival of African soccer coaches from Ghana, Senegal, and South Africa.  Several members of our team are on their way to the airport to pick up the coaches.  We look forward to two weeks of cultural exchange and welcome our newest friends to Athens, Ohio.  - Dr. Sheri Huckleberry

Play Soccer South Africa – Alexandra welcome

Back to Jo’burg

Eight days in South Africa, more than 1000 kids and 70 youth coaches, more than 1000 photos, and 7 hours of videos, that is the summary of our trip in South Africa on Tuesday December 8, 2009. The experience is an exceptional leaning experience for all of us. Learning about our partner Play Soccer, the FIFA Football for Hope program, Streetfootball, Grassroots Soccer South Africa has been very fulfilling,

Any thing unusual about this photo?

Interesting picture from a public park in Tembisa

Public TV in Tembisa

Public TV in Tembisa


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Small Group Practice Planning

Weilers Farm – Day 1

A sick feeling of missing the 8am departure time for Weilers Farm rudely woke me from a deep sleep at 5:23 am.  To my surprise the sun rises early as the sky was blue and sunny so early in the morning.  Since then, the days activities have not stopped.   In short (as I am paying for this online time), the OU-Play Soccer team visited Weliers Farm to deliver Day 1 of our coaching curriculum and cultural exchange.  While there were a few kinks, like a delay in start time, the experience was great.  The coaches are so willing to learn and the children are so eager to play. I am to exhausted to type coherently, thus I will leave you with a few photos.